You are my little world.

You are My little world!

Just imagine: homely atmosphere, a million valuable details speaking about you, a yummy breakfast prepared with love.

She is a florist. Her world is flowers, a lot of flowers, and of course this is He.

He is a journalist. His daily favorite reality is the world of events, information, an everyday correspondence. 

They are so different, but they are so loved by each other. 

This gallery is about togetherness, delicious breakfast time and a sea of ​​flowers, a million necessary details and ... endless love!

Planning: @picasso_art_wedding 
Floral and design: @kviter_com 
Food styling: @ampersand_food_and_art
Calligraphy: @yanaboyko_ 
MUAH: @valentyna_pushkarenko
Dress: @cathytelle
Veil: @holyveilofficial